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metal: Residence/North Haven, NY/Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership
via: archinect

spatial typologies 
Sam Chisholm : Unit 7
London met

Cause Boo and I both appreciated this album cover 
Talk is Cheap // Chet Faker 

Mattias Snygg | on Tumblr - Monument

Everything you love is here


OfficeUS in U.S. Pavilion  |  Leong Leong & Storefront for Art & Architecture
“Taking history as its foundational ground, we envision OfficeUS not just as an exhibition, but as the first headquarters for a new model of global architectural production. In these ways, OfficeUS is an anti-exhibition, it turns the pavilion from presentation to demonstration. We are setting a stage for the architects and visitors to address and respond to the most pressing architectural anxieties of the last one hundred years.”


Geoffrey Johnson

Additional works found here.

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Tell me that I’m dreaming, Ethan Murrow

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Anna, 3rd year Interior Design student, living in Glasgow, Scotland. (Originally from Poland)


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